Acacia Eap Agreement

This service is an opt-in offer, so if you would like to take this opportunity to provide this assistance to your team, please fill out page 4 of the guide (opt-in registration form) and send it to e-mail: eap@acaciaconnection.comPhone: 1300 364 273Website: We are happy to report a new benefit for ACA members- Tasmania. Thanks to a new partnership with Acacia Connection, we can now offer the services of the Acacia Employee Assistance Program (EAP). What is an Employment Assistance Program (AAP)? An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential counselling and assistance service that helps employees deal positively with personal or work-related issues. What are the employer`s benefits when it comes to making a PAH available to employees? Enabling your team to access an EAP is an important step in keeping your job healthy and happy. PEAs can help improve productivity and retention, reduce absenteeism and even reduce workcover requirements for problems such as work-related stress. AEPs are sometimes referred to as the “psychological equivalent of a flu vaccine.” For more information on the benefits of EAP, click here. How does Acacia EAP support my team? Acacia EAP offers a short term, confidential advice of up to 3 consulting meetings per employee per year (which can be increased by agreement). This service is funded by the employer and offered free of charge to employees. Acacia EAP works 24 hours a day, which means that its services are always available to help employees when it suits them below are some of the areas in which employees can benefit from The Advice of Acacia: Acacia EAP provides short-term, confidential advice up to 3 hours/advice sessions per employee per year (which can be increased by agreement). EAP Assis offers a confidential telephone settlement service to help employees identify and explore their problems, develop new options, consider alternatives, reconcile conflicts, negotiate and reach agreement. Staff members are required to record their claims first by dates, schedules and incidents, including potential support documents, to indicate the desired outcome and to communicate it by email.

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