Agreement To End Hostilities

In conclusion, from this point on, we must all stick to our mutual agreement and focus our time, attention and energy on goals that are addressed to each other, who are interested in each of us [i.e. prisoners] and our best. We can no longer let the CDCR put us against each other to their advantage! The agreement stresses that it is only through unity and solidarity that prisoners can effectively fight against major fights, such as the end of torture, in the form of long-term isolation. The hunger strikes helped to end the permanent isolation and the cessation of hostilities agreement united the black guerrilla family, Nuestra Familia, the Mexican mafia and the Aryan Brotherhood, seeing each other not as enemies, but as a class of prisoners, subjected to the same oppression dehumanized by the common enemy. 2.C is why, from 10 October 2012, all hostilities between our racial groups in the HUS, ad-seg, the general population and district prisons will officially cease. This means that from that date on, all hostilities by racial groups must cease. And when personal problems arise between individuals, people must do everything in their power to exhaust all diplomatic means to resolve these differences; Don`t let personal, individual issues degenerate into racial group issues! 3. We would also like to warn those of the general population, that IGI [Institutional Gang Investigators] will continue to plant sensitive Needs Yard (SNY) Debriefer “Detainees” among the strong INMATEs of the GP with the order of IGI to be informants, spies, rats and obstructions in an attempt to disrupt and undermine the mutual understanding of our collective groups on issues that are destined for our mutual causes (i.e. disturbing and undermining.

, the CDCR requires the opening of all family physician lines and returning to a rehabilitated system of useful programs and privileges, including visits by former students, etc. through peaceful protest and non-cooperation activities. B for example the hunger strike, no work, etc.). People must be aware of this tactic and be vigilant and refuse to allow such rapists of IGI prisoners to sow chaos and rekindle hostilities between our racial groups. We can no longer play in IGI, ISU (Investigation Service Unit), OCS (Office of Correctional Safety) and SSU `s (Service Security Unit`s) old manipulative divisions and conquer tactics! This ongoing agreement directly reduced racist hostilities in and outside prisons, as many non-incarcerated family members were involved in the violence. The agreement concludes: “We can no longer let the CDCR oppose each other for their benefit! Because the reality is that together we are a powerful, powerful force capable of positively transforming this entire corrupt system into a system that really benefits prisoners and therefore public opinion as a whole. Many people do not realize that Sitawa, along with three other strong leaders loyal to the Pelican Bay Short Corridor Collective principle, inspired 30,000 courageous prisoners who, in their struggle for freedom, chose to avoid violence and adopt a peaceful strategy to achieve the necessary change in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCr) by applying the principles of the agreement. , an agreement that holds today despite the non-cooperation of CDCr. Greetings from all PBSP-SHU Short Corridor Hunger Strike Representatives.

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