France-Quebec Mutual Recognition Agreement

Since the signing in 2010 of the first mutual recognition agreement between the professional orders of Quebec and France, nearly 1,100 French candidates have obtained permission to practice their profession in Quebec under a Quebec-France agreement. Learn more about this agreement and its features. These agreements complement an agreement between Quebec and France, signed in Montreal on June 8, 2010 to recognize the qualifications of securities professionals, and a commitment to mutual recognition of the qualifications of the insurance professions, signed in France on November 23, 2010. Partial data as of December 31, 2013 were published on January 27, 2013 in Montreal as part of a symposium on the international potential and future prospects of the Quebec-France model for mutual recognition of professional qualifications. “We must overcome all obstacles to the common capacity of professions in Quebec and France to overcome all obstacles, in order to sign specific, flexible, rigorous and adaptable agreements, which now constitute a basis on which we can build.” The symposium, co-organized by the Washingtoner Migration Policy Institute and the Interprofessional Council of Quebec (CIQ- Federation of Professional Orders of Quebec), aimed to analyze and discuss efforts to recognize professional qualifications. It was also an ideal forum to raise public awareness of Quebec`s expertise in this area and strengthen the links between the Quebec government and the relevant authorities. Reproduction of the Quebec-France modelThe symposium has studied the possibilities of reproduction of the Quebec-France model in other countries. In conclusion, Jean-Franéois Lisée called on professional organizations and other stakeholders to play an active role in the process of mutual recognition of professional qualifications contained in the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the European Union. Quebec-France Convention on Mutual Recognition of Professional QualificationsCoseral status of the Quebec Migration Policy Institute If the person meets the criteria of the agreement, you will see how to file a file. This mutual recognition of professional qualifications benefits people in Quebec and France who wish to pursue their insurance titles or careers in both legal orders. In addition, Quebec will help meet some of the skilled labour needs. Montreal – The Quebec Financial Markets Authority (AMF) and the French Financial Markets Authority today reached an agreement to facilitate the mobility of securities professionals between the two jurisdictions. In addition, an agreement has been reached between the AMF and the Insurance Intermediaries Registry to facilitate the mobility of insurance professionals between Quebec and France.

These agreements are based on the Quebec-French agreement on mutual recognition of professional qualifications, signed on October 17, 2008 by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Quebec Prime Minister Jean Charest.

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