Plumbing Service Level Agreement

We won`t just deal with your midnight emergencies. As part of this agreement, we will report once a month to inspect all your sanitary facilities. These include checking your outdoor pipes and faucets, checking your pumps and measuring equipment, inspecting all your toilets, sinks, teeth, showers and bathrooms, as well as handing over your geyser and the various sanitary fittings you have. As part of our commitment to providing you with the best possible service, our back-office software includes a full service level program. This program allows us to respond more efficiently and in more depth to your repetitive maintenance requirements. The objective of any service level agreement is to define the working relationship between the parties involved. In this case, the agreement is reached between us, your Nelspruit plumbers, and you or your company. There are many benefits for both parties involved, here are a few of them: But sometimes what you might need is more than just one service off. That`s why we`re about to put in place a service level agreement on Streamline Plumbing for those who might discover that they are using our services more often. In order to be transparent and clarify expectations with our customers, we have provided below a list of the types of repairs and basic services that, through the standard mission call process, will complement the management of the facilities at no cost to the requesting department. We have established a framework that prioritizes these mission requirements, as well as a basic service level agreement for those services. Our Nelspruit plumbers will use your property and buildings once a month in accordance with our new service level agreement option.

To create fair and reasonable expectations, we offer the following level of service agreement, based on our staff, specialties and resource-efficient resources. Facility Management will provide a response to requests based on the following priority level, which is granted to each mission requirement: faucets, pipes, exits, geysers and almost all your other health requirements will be taken into account. Below is a list of generally larger repair and replacement services (aka “projects”), which will facilitate facility management, but only if funded by the applicant and with the approval of the Capital Work Group, Dean of the College or Provoste. “Keep your plumbing – don`t wait for it to break” If you are interested in regular proactive maintenance of your sanitary facilities or if you want more information, please contact our office. Building/office/room Bulletin Boards, whiteboards, shelves, plates/plates, etc. In the event of an emergency , (subjects considered to be fatal or seasonal or programmed firefighting) (problems/elements that occur occasionally and/or can be treated as intended); For example: Removal of gutter leaves) If we do this monthly maintenance, we will look for damage or corrosion that could cause damage to the line. It is natural that pipes will be tested with a lot of wear over the years, but before wear becomes a leak, our monthly maintenance will take into account potential problems.

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