Removing Ex Partner From Council Tenancy Agreement

You do not have the automatic right to stay at home unless a court order is made. You can ask the court for a rental agreement to be transferred to your name if it benefits the children. To do this, you need legal advice. If you need to leave the property, you can ask your local council for housing as a homeless family. If you are not married or are in partnership, you have no right at home. Your rights depend on whether you are a tenant or landlord. A court may award the tenancy agreement (whether with a private landlord, council or a housing company) to one of the tenants. The College will probably be in favour of the person who has the children with it most of the time. If you decide to end your lease or retire your home, your local council might think it`s your fault that you have nowhere to live. This is called “voluntary homelessness.” If your city council thinks you are intentionally homeless, they may not allow you to find a long-term home.

If a relationship has been broken up, it is helpful for the outgoing person to agree to transfer the lease solely on behalf of the remaining person. This is a voluntary “assignment” or “assignment” of the lease. All Scottish Secure tenants can transfer their rental rights to another person with the landlord`s consent. This person must have lived with them for six months. From November 1, 2019, this period will be 12 months. A lessor may refuse permission only in certain circumstances (see corresponding notice). As a general rule, it`s not worth going to court to transfer your rental agreement if you have guaranteed short-term rent – unless your landlord is a housing company. Talk to your nearest citizen council if you want to apply for a rent transfer – a counsellor can explain the process and help you find a lawyer. If you are considering buying or selling part of your home, you should receive help from your next citizen council. An advisor can explain the process and help you find out what`s best for you. If you are a joint tenant and want to leave, you or your ex-partner can terminate the lease by termination. You both have to take your clothes off.

It is considered a means of last resort because it can exclude someone from a property in which they can live legally.

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