Ripe Agreement Insurance Claims

In most cases, these conditions expire and no longer have an effect if you cancel or do not extend your insurance. If we cancel/not renew these conditions, these conditions may have to continue to apply. Offers, discounts or promotions may be offered from time to time and apply only to new transactions, unless otherwise stated. They cannot be used in conjunction with other offers. Free insurance shares are not available to previous and existing customers. Only free insurance assistance is allowed per person per household. All administrative costs are non-refundable. Another payment is not made without notice. We reserve the right to modify, delete or suspend non-insurance benefits without notice. These benefits are subject to the applicable terms and conditions.

By asking us to submit and arrange insurance, you indicate your informed consent to these terms and conditions. If you do not wish to be bound by these conditions, you should not order us to set up, renew or treat your insurance needs. 2.3 The Member acknowledges and accepts that the RIPE NCC Standard Service Agreement may be amended by a decision of the RIPE NCC General Assembly, in accordance with the procedure described in the RIPE NCC statutes. An amendment automatically comes into effect on the date indicated in the resolution or on the date of the first publication of the general meeting decision and the full text of the amended agreement on, if that date is the last, without the need to re-sign the standard NCC RIPE service contract. You and all those on whose behalf you acquire our insurance must have permanent residence in the UK, unless otherwise agreed. When you receive your documents, be sure to read your insurance policy carefully. In particular, you should correctly verify the initial (from) and end (to) date data, the name of the insured on the policy, the data on the insurance certificate/schedule and that the insurance coverage chosen meets their needs. Failure to comply with the general terms of sale of the directive may have the effect of restricting or possibly invalidating insurance coverage. Please contact us if you have any questions about your policy. You are advised that the terms and conditions of our policies should be consulted before your purchase policy is concluded and, if you have any questions, make sure that you respond to them to your satisfaction. If you have not yet received a copy or have read the insurance book online that states the terms and conditions of sale before you purchase your insurance, you will receive a copy of your insurance plan. This terms and conditions agreement sets out the terms and conditions under which Ripe Insurance Services Limited agrees to negotiate.

It also identifies your own responsibilities to us and to insurers and outlines our regulatory and legal obligations. Please contact us immediately if these Terms of Use have anything you do not agree with or do not understand. Your insurance book contains a claim procedure that tells you what steps you need to take if you want to make a claim.

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