Software Reseller Agreement Uk

This software reseller agreement exists between an owner/manufacturer of certain products (supplier) and a company that wishes to offer remarketing [installation] and other services related to these products (resellers). Important sales and delivery commitments are defined. It has been updated/modified to clarify the supplier and reseller`s obligations to support the reseller`s customers. This agreement (the “agreement”) is concluded between: two levels of support are provided in this agreement, the first being provided by the dealer directly to the customer and the second by the supplier through the reseller. “end-user license,” the license agreement between the end user and ESET SPOL to regulate the end-user`s use of the products; “parties” means ESET UK and the dealer together, and each a “party.” sterling, the legal currency of the United Kingdom. ESET UK, ESET SOFTWARE UK LIMITED, headquartered in England and Wales, number 07184889, is located at 5th Floor, Holland House, 20 Oxford Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH8 8EZ, United Kingdom. “Retained Methods of Distribution” refers to the following platforms: Android Market, Google Market, Apple Stores,,, Microsoft Online Store and their respective equivalents with all other platforms, as reported by ESET UK to the reseller from time to time. “Recommended price” means the recommended resale price for products and end-user license based on the number of users of the products and, as stated in ESET UK`s list prices from time to time, as stated on`s website. Normal childcare hours range from 0830 to 1730 per working day.

`RGPD`, the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679. “PDF” refers to the portable document format: ISO 32000. “Confidential Information,” any information (oral, written or electronic) belonging to ESET UK and/or ESET SPOL or relating to their respective business or commercial activities that are not publicly available and is made available to the dealer (or its employees, representatives or related persons) as part of or under this agreement. “minimum destination of sale,” the minimum amount of product that the reseller must acquire from ESET UK in accordance with Part C of the calendar. “control,” the power of a person to ensure, in the case of an entity, that the affairs of the entity are carried out in accordance with the wishes of that person (or person) or by holding shares; or the holding of voting rights, in or in connection with that company or other company, or on the basis of powers conferred by constitutional or social documents or any other document governing that entity or any other entity, and when a person controlling an entity no longer does so or when another person acquires control of that entity.

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