Upset Price Agreement Wga

Duration of agreement The duration of the agreement is from 2 May 2020 to 1 May 2023. Portable Paid Parental Allowance In the 2017 agreement, we negotiated unpaid parental leave for the first time. Under the new agreement, effective from May 2021, writers who are entitled to guild health insurance are entitled to a paid allowance to help them give birth or adopt a new child or house a child in care. The payment is financed by an employer contribution of 0.5% on income beginning at the beginning of the contract. This benefit is coordinated with government benefits, if available. The Fund will be managed by directors of the Health Fund, who will complete the details in the coming months. 7. One-Hour Writer/Producer Deal Year 1 – received a bump at Executive Story Editor for the year 1, 20 weeks guaranteed, scale -5% year 2 – Co-producer in the scale -7.5%, 20-week warranty, 1 script guaranteed year 3 – producer in scale – 10%, guarantee of 20 weeks, 1 script guaranteed exclusivity: Development agreement in year 2 under a first glance of 30 days and that Article 67 would apply to writers in year 1, even if it exceeds the threshold. The strengths of the negotiation: we were able to negotiate a guaranteed script commitment for this author in years 2 and 3 and improve his initial offer, which should be paid on a large scale in a collaborator writing position in 1 year, an art scale 14 for a history editor position in Year 2 and Executive Story Editor with an increase of 2.5% in 3rd year. Finally, the company did not initially wish to extend services beyond what was necessary in Article 67. In the end, the company agreed that Writer 1 could develop in Year 2 and that the provisions of section 67 would apply in year 1, even if it exceeded the $280,500 limit. Showrunner Training Program: We have reached an agreement to extend $250,000 in annual funding for the showrunner training program. 16 The “price of anger” is a sum of money set in the MBA that is well above the minimum set in the MBA that a company can pay at the time of the initial employment or sales contract.

This allows the company to negotiate directly with the author to acquire all or part of the reserved rights. The purchase price of the rights without reservation is in order. Increase in pension insurance contributions The pension contribution to income subject to reporting will increase by 1.5% at the beginning of the agreement, from 8.5% to 10% for most income, and from 7% to 8.5% for pilots and the first seasons of one-hour dramas. The Guild has the right to divert 1.25% (in total) from the various minimum increases in the second and third year of the contract, which could bring the total rate of pension contributions to 11.25% by May 2022. Tri-Guild Audit Program We have renewed funding for the tri-guild balance exam for the duration of the agreement. The sector has not been hit by a strike for more than a dozen years, when the WGA struck for 100 days in 2007/2008. This time, a strike was virtually ruled out because of the work stoppage that was caused by the termination of the coronavirus. Following the agreement reached in the early hours of July 1, the WGA negotiating committee stated that “while the persistence of the global pandemic and economic uncertainty have limited our ability to exercise true collective power to achieve many other important and necessary treaty objectives, we remain committed to pursuing these goals in future negotiations.” In its latest members update on its 101-month struggle with major talent agencies, the Guild said today that it helped conclude agreements for pilots, serial services and theatre films, “by negotiating individual agreements and verifying proposed written service agreements.” Otherwise, the company and its author can negotiate freely so that the company can directly acquire all or part of the reserved rights if the author will be paid an initial compensation of an amount or above the “price of derision”. NOTE: The reserved rights must be acquired by the company in a separate negotiation, in a separate document and against a separate consideration.

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