Cerpen Perfect Agreement

Betrayed by his personal assistant and beloved lover, Aleando Manof leaves everything, luxury, possession, popularity, the position just to find the happiness of his life. What for? You have everything if the heart feels very hurt and painful. Until he left to find his pleasure, being an ordinary, insulted and insulted person, he began to be after working in a small company in the city where he worked. The urge began to arrive at his home when he started working in the small business, when the girls began to show their charm when he saw the words and the good attitude he displayed. Risal as Aleando`s colleague begins to be jealous of him when he sees that the girl he loves begins to show his attention to Aleando, but Aleando only reacts for the girls who care for him as mediocre. But after meeting a girl named Renata Linoi, Aleando`s life begins to change. Gerald was just “garbage” in the eyes of the Hermanto family. In fact, he is a descendant of the famous Santoso family. One day, the Santoso family founded the Weak Company and the inhabitants of the Hermanto family made great efforts to work with this company.

In this context, Gerald was secretly helping his wife, who had been looked down on by his own family. Then, with the authority he had as a member of the Santoso family, Gerald did not leave his finger on the people of the Hermanto family. Until they both get married. At first, Syera, who invited Erik to get married, initially turned down Erik. But after Erik thought about it, he accepted Syera`s invitation to get married. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. “For your sake, it makes me tired and hurts me, Aryan.” The feelings of love that Binar kept for four years kept him next to a lawyer with his very cold attitude, Aryan. When he decides to end his relationship with Aryan, an amazing fact begins to unfold. The secret he had firmly closed began to reveal. Aryan returns to pursue him and tries to find the heart of Binar, who has started his new life. Will Aryan`s efforts be able to bring Binar back to his arms? Will Binar reopen his heart to the Aryans, or even move on to another heart with a man whose attitude is inversely proportional 180 degrees with the cold man? Marriage was built without love.

Rere always behaves like a woman. Kenzo, who always wants to be free, instead uses Rere for his personal affairs and considers the woman to be nothing but a maid. Throughout the story, Syera is reunited with her most beautiful ex, her name being Shaka. Households that have begun to improve are once again in turmoil. Syera is in a relationship with Shaka….

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