Cordova Android License Agreement

At the top, Peter Wang`s answer worked for me after putting the ANDROID_HOME environment variables. in my case was ANDROID_HOME C:UsersYourUserNameAppDataLocalAndroidandroid-sdk This is not a legal consultation. Learn more about deposit licenses A generous license whose main conditions require respect for copyright and license notices. Contributors explicitly grant patent rights. Licensed works, modifications and large works may be distributed under other conditions and without source code. Hello everyone, so after I broke my head, I discovered that the first place you should check is your environment variables to check the Android home path. Follow it from there and update the necessary SDKs in your SDK Manager. What was my problem was that I had an earlier version of Android Studio that I had removed, so my path was different for the new one and I also had Embarcadero in another path, so I updated in one SDK manager, but Ionic 2 used the other where I hadn`t updated and accepted the licenses. If you have the same problems, you just need to copy the new files in both paths for them to be reflected. Just my 2 cents.

I hope it helps someone else. I discovered the problem – I had a few plugins that asked “” and others “ xxxxx:11+”, which seems to have caused an incompatibility. Once I receive all the plugins that ask for 11+, it works. 2. Copyright License Subject to the terms of this license, each contributor grants you an unlimited, worldwide, non-exclusive, free, free, and irrevocable copyright license for the reproduction, creation of derivative works, public display, public performance, sublicense, and dissemination of the work and such derivative works as a source or subject matter. Even with circleci/android:api-28-alpha, it fails. Interestingly, not all projects fail, but only a few. NB: This pushed them to immediately accept the SDK license, and the build worked from there. What went wrong: a problem arose when setting up the `android` root project.

5. Deposit of Contributions Unless otherwise stated, any contribution you intentionally make to the Licensor for admission to the Work is subject to the terms of this License without additional conditions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing replaces or will modify the terms of a separate license agreement that you may have with the licensor with respect to such contributions. You can update the image section of your circle.yml: docker: file – image: circleci/android:api-28 3. Grant of a Patent License Subject to the terms of this License, each Contributor grants you an indeterminate, worldwide, non-exclusive, free, free, free, irrevocable patent license (except as set forth in this section) in order to make, use, offer, offer, offer, offer, sell, import and otherwise transfer, if this license applies only to patentable claims, which may be licensed by that contributor and which are necessarily infringed by their contributions alone or by the combination of their contributions with the work to which that contribution has been submitted. If you bring a dispute against a company (including a counter-claim or action for annulment in a dispute) that claims that the work or a contribution introduced in the work constitutes a direct or contributory infringement of the patent, all patent licenses granted to you under this license for that work terminate from the date such litigation is filed. . . .

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