Dixon Hall Collective Agreement

Leanne`s roles as a strategic member of the management team have given her the opportunity to present labour relations and policy initiatives. She was responsible for the management of recruitment, compensation plans, performance management, training and health and safety programs, as well as staff in these disciplines. Leanne`s career has allowed her to participate regularly in complaint hearings, mediations, arbitrations and to act as President of Collective Bargaining Management. Their experience included union certification campaigns, union certifications, strikes, lockouts and interest arbitrations. They learn all about the laws, rights and duties that are enshrined in collective agreements and that concern all parties. What are the main provisions and hot spots of the collective agreement that managers need to be aware of on the front line? Collective bargaining may attract the full attention of the outside world, but intelligent and day-to-day relationship management determines the effectiveness of unionized managers and workers. It is the continuous solution of problems and problems that arise every day, which will create either a culture of success or a culture of resistance and fear. This skills-building programme, designed for both superiors and trade union representatives, places the use and application of the collective agreement in an intense practical context. Learn both management and union best practices on challenging topics such as discipline, performance management and competition on employment. Develop interest-based skills to eliminate position behaviors and involve difficult people, whether they are managers or workers.

Reduce friction resulting from the day-to-day interpretation of the collective agreement. Start using the collective agreement as a platform for productivity and performance. You have the opportunity to identify key areas of your own collective agreement and develop strategies to address these issues. The pandemic from time to time, collective bargaining must go further. Employment issues are changing, and in these times of change like ours, collective bargaining is needed more than ever. As we all wait for some semblance of normalcy to return, we must be able to engage with each other and negotiate effectively. What is the progressive discipline if done right? How to set limits that are respected? If you are a frontline executive, how do you gather the facts and have a disciplinary interview? When should I call on the HRD? Leanne has held positions that required strong labour relations acum, having previously advised in the manufacturing sector and now working in the dynamic work environment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). In previous years, as Director of Human Resources, she led Human Resources services in their front-end support functions in highly unionized health settings and local governments, both in the small and large municipal sectors.

SUITABLE FOR TBZDixonTeamsters2019-23 FINAL Version 8-15-19.pdf This one-day workshop is a hands-on, competency-based session to learn and verify trading best practices that prepare your team for efficiency. It starts with critical preparation steps, structuring a successful negotiating team and setting up a clear strategy. It continues with different styles of negotiation and the most fundamental ability around the table – the effective involvement of the other party….

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