Can I Be Forced To Sign A New Tenancy Agreement

Hello, I have a few questions. we have always been on 6 month agreements with our owners, (they are amazing renters!) due to unforeseen circumstances that they need to recover their property, that`s fine from us, as we understand their situation, my question is, they gave us a 2 month lease, which we all signed with our two-month termination letter, they gave us the agreement, so we are covered for the duration of the communication. Since then, the city council has told us that they cannot do it and that each lease must be at least 6 months. we told our landlord what we were told, and now she is concerned that she will not have a place to live in two months. someone could please enlighten me on what is true and what is wrong, because I have read a lot in recent days and one article seems to contradict the other, so I`m a little confused. we have an ASTs so I`m just n think our owners are good in their right to repossess their property, as they gave us our two months of termination and have enough reason to terminate the termination? What don`t you want to do to get the agent to force? Don`t sign anything until you`re happy. After the signing, you will be legally bound to Chris` ts`s. I do not think you are required by law to do that. Talk to the consultation citizens just in case, but I think they are trying to have one on you. This is not a new contract and if contact data changes (as stated in the contract), then this does not lead to a new contract, so it is no different But I am confused. If you like to end the agreement, what matters? The lease is automatically terminated as soon as you clear and return the keys. A mutual agreement to terminate the lease can be reached at any time.

I am not sure why the Council should be involved. Don`t feel pressured to leave or sign a new contract. I paid a landlord a month`s rent in advance 650 euros signed duck rental contract 01/05/2018. The LL has since repeatedly apologized for saying why I can`t say property, can have keys in a week, then the following week, obviously I would like as soon as possible so on 18/05/2018 LL sent a txt-dir of offers from I can no longer in another text just after the statement, it will return money, but does not know when. I spoke with him his iron, he is suspended and says now, do not pay me back or let me move to property. If you do not sign a new contract at the end of your existing contract, automatically enter a legal periodic tenancy agreement that requires only one month`s notice from the tenant, so this should not be a problem. It is best to inform your landlord of your intentions as soon as possible so that he can start making arrangements to find a new tenant. In 2005, my mother and father were both in Father`s Health and in some debts, so my sister approached them and led my mother and father to sign at home and say they could lose property there! My sister had a lawyer to make all the paper paper saying that my mother and dad received $150,000 for the witch house, that they never received (I made all the paper to show it) my parents tried to bring him home without success, my sister has now put the house in her husband`s name, unfortunately my mother and dad paid the mortgage on the account to live there again, I have all the records of payments on paper, unfortunately my mother died a little over a year ago and my father is very sick and still pays for alimony and mortgage every month! He has no lease, and my sister is waiting for him to die! To do anything with the property! I`ve been taking care of my parents all these years and I can`t sit down. The doctor supported the story and will say that my mother was not fit for signing anything at the time of the illness, etc. I wonder if there is anything we could do to get things in order, because that is a mistake for me.