Grant Agreement Hrvatski

(a) the partner country gives the CEB satisfactory legal advice in English on matters relating to the ability, power and power of the Republic of Croatia to conclude the framework agreement and the agreement and confirms that these two agreements constitute valid, binding and enforceable obligations. Nature and number of occupancy permits/leases The auditor verifies whether expenses for a selected position were made in accordance with CEB guidelines for the purchase of supplies, works and services, by reviewing the underlying documents relating to the procurement and purchase procedures. These documents relate to the opening of bids, the assessment of the eligibility of bidders and the compliance of bids, the evaluation of bids and the decisions to award the agreement. When reviewing these market documents, the auditor takes into account the risk indicators listed at the end of this schedule and indicates, if any, which of these indicators have been identified. The other signatory to the agreement, the head of the Central Finance and Contract Agency, Tomislav Petric, said the project was the largest that was signed this year, and the second largest to date after the Peljesac Bridge. Today`s agreement covers 83% of EU funds, up from 9% when the government took office three years and two months ago, Plenkovic said, adding that the government would continue to work towards balanced development of the country. “On the Mediterranean corridor, the most important one that crosses Croatia, we are building a section towards Hungary, Dugo Selo-Krizevci, contractors have been selected for the 3 billion section of HRK koprivnica-Krizevci Hungarian border, which today marks the beginning of the construction of the low-altitude railway towards Rijeka, while other sections are being designed, said transport and infrastructure minister Oleg Butkovic, who signed the agreement. – offer after the award of the agreement or before the tenders (C) The partner country has given its full approval to the grant and the implementation of the sub-project. 2 As a general rule, the core budget is the original PAF budget or the GA budget, when it is different from the FAP budget. If a sub-project has benefited from an extension (scope, beneficiary, completion date) by the AoD, the basic budget is the new budget of the extension agreement. In these cases, the original FAP budget is indicated as a reference to Chapter 1.4 of the “Narrative” section. Tekst Sporazuma iz √©lanka 1.

ove Uredbe, u izvorniku na engleskom jeziku i u prijevodu na hrvatski jezik, Glasi: 2. The legal auditor verifies that the partner country has applied to the contractor the same rules on customs duties, taxes and taxes of equivalent effect as those arising from the relevant framework agreement between the partner country and the European Union on the pre-accession aid instrument (IAP) (see Article 4.7.2 of the framework agreement).