Redfern Agreement

The next federal government should ensure that primary health networks (NHPs) work with ACCHS and Aboriginal health experts to ensure that the best primary health care is provided in a culturally safe manner. There should be formal agreements between PHNs and ACCHS to provide leadership for the Aborigines and Torres Strait Islander. Dr. Huggins said she thought the government and indigenous groups agreed on about 80 percent of the statement. To learn more about what an agreement could mean for our government and community in NSW, listen to the podcast series of our 2018 Reconciliation event at Parliament at NSW Parliament House. Implement the recommendations of the Council for Aborigines Reconciliation, including a framework for the construction of agreements (treaty) and a reform of the Constitution. Read Redfern`s full statement here: Treaty Australia is the only Commonwealth nation without a contract with its first peoples. A treaty would be a legally binding agreement between the government and the Aboriginal peoples and the peoples of Torres Strait Islander, with clauses of sovereignty, self-determination, customary law and land rights. Treaties and treaties are widely seen as a means of promoting empowerment, healing and self-determination and are widely supported by Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait peoples. The launch of Redfern`s declaration in 2016 was a turning point for Aboriginal organizations coming together to demand a new and better relationship with the government. They set out their expectations and priorities for engagement and progress.

It also advocates the inclusion of a specific target to close the gap in reducing the detention of indigenous people. She made it clear to the Prime Minister that the Aboriginal people and the Torres Strait Islanders have the solutions and that it is time for Australian governments to listen and really care about the First People of Australia. Early people are calling for urgent action to combat domestic poverty The Healing Foundation and the National Health Leadership Forum (NHLF). Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott made an election promise to transfer Aboriginal affairs to the Prime Minister`s Department.