Sat Agreement

The subject-verb agreement is a rule that states that all subjects must match their verbs in number. Singular subjects take singular verbs. Plural subjects take plural verbs. For these kinds of questions, always cross appostive and non-essential clauses. This will make it easier to identify problems related to the agreement between themes and verbs. The resulting sentence must be grammatically correct. Let`s do it with the misspelled version of our previous example: in those sentences where the subject follows the verb, we simply order the sentence to follow the normal structure of the subject. This way, you can more easily detect errors in the subject verb chord. If you do it in the misspelled example above, you still had “less amusing consequences.” The subject is right in front of the verb and the error is obvious. In one of the subsections (improving the sentence, identifying the error, improving the paragraph), make sure there are no errors in the subject-verb agreement if a verb is highlighted. Verb chord errors on the subject are one of the most frequently tested errors in the SAT writing nest. Although subject-verb agreement is a fundamental concept, the questions that test it are not always easy.

Sometimes the most difficult question in the sat writing nest is a question of subject-verb agreement. In this article, I describe the 5 structures that SAT uses to separate subjects from their verbs, and how you can learn to recognize errors in them. The SAT tries to deceive you by placing long sentences between the subject and the verb. Often, the number of the name closest to the verb does not match the subject`s number. If you cut the switch phrase, it will be easier for you to identify the subject and determine if there is an error in the subject verb chord. Another unique situation, which concerns the subject verb agreement, involves the use of collective subversives. Collective names are singular names that concern groups of people. On sat, these names, when used in the singular form, should be used with singular verbs. The team, the band, the company and the committee are examples of collective names. The interruption of sentences is an expression that separates the subject from the verb. Such phrases make it difficult to search for the subject and determine whether the verb should be singular or plural. There are some kinds of phrases of interruption, and we will take a closer look at some of them.

You don`t know that you need to know all the specific grammar concepts, but it`s important to see how they affect issues related to the subject-verbal agreement. I hope that at this point you will understand the agreement between subjects and verbs and how to correctly answer any question of the subject verb agreement that may appear on the SAT. I created some exercise problems to test you on what you`ve learned. Don`t forget to use the general strategies I referred to above.