Amazon Web Services Customer Agreement

“Terms of Service” refers to the rights and restrictions of certain services that are because we can update them from time to time. 53.6. Amazon Chime, including Voice Connector and business call functions, is not a traditional phone service or a replacement for conventional phone services. Amazon Chime does not provide emergency calls to emergency services personnel or public safety responses (“emergency services”) such as 911, may not know the physical location of end-users, and cannot be used for calls if the end user experiences a power outage, cannot access the Internet, or if their device has no electricity. You are solely responsible for any agreement with third parties to allow your end users access to emergency services, and AWS takes no guarantees regarding the use of such agreements with Amazon Chime. You agree to inform your end-users, who may use Amazon Chime, of these restrictions and how they can access emergency services through other means, including the alternative agreements you have made available. Neither AWS nor its related companies are liable for damages resulting from an emergency call or an inability to initiate or complete an emergency call via Amazon Chime. You agree to compensate AWS for any claims related to your or your end-users that relate to an emergency call or emergency call or the inability to make or make an emergency call via Amazon Chime, including the use of agreements with third parties. (ii) the registration or registration of an end-user for service offers (i) poses a security risk to service or third-party offers; (ii) may have a negative impact on service offerings or on another AWS customer`s systems or content; (iii) subject us to liability, our affiliated companies or third parties or (iv) may be fraudulent; 59.7. Some communication services related to Alexa, such as the ability to send and receive messages. B calls and connect to other users (together “Alexa Communication”), are sold and provided by AMCS LLC (“AMCS”), an affiliate of AWS, and not AWS, but are otherwise subject to the terms of the agreement. Your use of Alexa Communication is also subject to the Alexa Communication Use Guides which are part of these conditions.