Joint Venture Agreement Contoh

Article 1 DefinitionsA avoid divergent interpretations of the terms likely to occur in this joint enterprise agreement, the terms used in this agreement are established.1. The Alliance: is an event in which one promises the other or where the two promise each other to do something.2. Joint Venture: is a cooperative effort between foreign investment and domestic capital on the basis of an agreement/contract.3. Venture Capital Company: is an entity that conducts financing activities in the form of capital investments in a counterparty company (Investee Company) for a fixed period.4. Investee Company: is a company that receives financing in the form of capital investments from venture capital firms.5 Assets: In this agreement, factories, factories, machinery and other assets under this cooperation are not limited to a specified period as a result of machine tools, deductions, if any, and the amount of loans of venture capital firms in the Bank`s coffers.6 Currency: The currency used is the U.S. dollar and the rupee in the Republic of Indonesia. With an exchange rate of 1.00 usd (one dollar) worth 10,000, (ten thousand rupees).7. Know How: is information about something, because of the experience of venture capital firms, including secrets, important things, even features. including the promotion of the sale of goods, from the sales process to the sale, the way it is sold to the consumer and financial management. which is useful to the First Party in order to be able to develop in a competitive position at the end of the agreement, and to help open up a new market.8.

Secret: is know how to be an important staple or group and the assembly of component components is not known at all or easy to obtain, not limited to anything that is known by each party as a know-how that are totally unknown or can be chosen outside the company of the wand.9. Raw materials: is the material needed to make baguettes based on sachets. Statutes of PTAnggaran dasar PT. Java Anima Darmaja Singapore complies with the purpose and intent of the joint enterprise agreement, but does not violate the laws and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia. Creating PT. Joint Ventura complies with approved requirements and registered with the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia. Pasal 2 Initial capital and share of each shareholder 1. The company`s authorized capital was $1 million ($1 million). The capital is divided into shares at 100 $US per share. Capital released from 8000 shares (80%) SECOND PARTY, while the remaining 2,000 shares (20%) owned by THE FIRST PARTY.2. At the time of the incorporation of the company, the issued capital represented 25% ($250,000.00) of the authorized and fully released capital.3 The first party deposit is not in cash, but in the form of 50 (5) hectares of land, where 15 (fifteen) hectares of land are used for the construction of baguette factories, while the remaining 35 hectares (thirty-five) hectares of bamboo are planted as the main raw material for the production of chopsticks.4 All stock deposits are in dollars and rupees, based on the exchange rate at the time of deposit 1 – Rp 12,000.00 (12,000 rupees).